Lori Smith is a photographer with an innate sense for creating stunning fashion photographs. Her passion for the business and the art is seen in every photograph she takes. Almost portrait-like in nature, her pictures capture an inner glow that radiates from every model. With her upbeat personality and positive attitude – on and off the set – it is said by everyone that has worked with her that her genuine qualities put you at ease. Her keen sense for creating beautiful shots comes naturally, as her background in fashion easily lends itself to producing great images.

Her sensibilities are deeply rooted in the world of fashion from just about every angle. Prior to photography, Lori spent her formative years in front of the camera as a successful model on the runways and in the studios of the major fashion capitals. Gracing the pages of magazines such as VOGUE, ELLE, MARIE CLAIRE and COSMOPOLITAN, and the runways of countless designers from the avant garde to the haute couture; this is where her techniques took shape. Years in the fashion industry ingrained skills that she has yet to put down. Lori grasped a wealth of knowledge in all aspects, from styling and hair and make-up to fashion design. Once she stepped behind the camera, it was a seamless move, and she hasn’t looked back since. She already knew how to make models look good, now her talents with lighting and location would shine.

While living in Paris, Lori honed her photography abilities and eventually returned to the States to practice her craft in earnest. Lori shoots for an extremely diverse clientele. While the beautiful women of fashion grace the pages of her portfolio, her work extends to include a broad range of actors, singers, musicians, and fitness models. Her portfolio continues to further to include: advertisements for automobile dealers and interior design firms, swimwear and lingerie calendars, clothing catalogues, and editorials for numerous fitness and fashion magazines.

Currently residing in North East Pennsylvania with her artist husband and daughter, Lori shoots both from her studio and on location, locally and in nearby New York City and Philadelphia.